May 2012


You, and other folks, have been so generous to buy our products and, as a result, we are working harder to keep up with the growth. Thank you for supporting your local ranch/farmer.


We are so busy here at the ranch, we can hardly believe it! Our big news is that we are putting together a Summer Camp in July for children!  We’re going to offer a really neat farm experience. Just read further on in this newsletter for the details.

More big news this past month. We can now hold weddings here at the ranch.  We started the process four years ago to get the go ahead from the “officials” to let us host weddings on our property.  You know, it’s tough to make ends meet when your income is from the land only.  And here we have these beautiful views and folks are wanting to get married out here. Well, that just wasn’t allowed because it doesn’t have anything to do with farming or ranching.  We hated to turn the business away and we hated to let those folks down.  But, now, that’s all changed and starting this summer, we can host beautiful outdoor weddings here at the ranch.  We have a wedding coordinator who will do a beautiful job.  So if you’re ready to get married and want to do it here, give us a call and we’ll get you set up!

The other big news at the ranch is that we’re selling eggs this spring.  To learn a bit more about eggs, read our article further on down in this newsletter.  The bottom line is, we have some beautiful chickens laying tasty eggs.

Come out to the ranch and visit.  We would love to see you!


Mike & Diann Duggan



  1. Babies! Baby ducks, baby chickens, baby cows, baby pigs, baby goats…babies!
  2. Green. It’s greening up everywhere you look. As you drive east out of Terrebonne and drop here into the valley, the site of green pastures will fill your eyes!
  3. Eggs. Free range, farm fresh eggs are abundant in the spring. We have tripled our chicken flocks and they are busy laying eggs. You can buy farm fresh eggs here at the ranch for $4.00 per dozen. Mention this newsletter and get a dozen for $3.50 if you are here at the ranch!
  4. Relax. Do you need some place to walk and enjoy beautiful views without crowds? We have a nature trail and dirt roads you can follow. From our property, look over the green pastures towards the Cascades or across to Smith Rock.  Have a seat by the canal or the pond and take it all in.  We invite you to come and sit a spell.
  5. Petting Zoo.  Children and adults can enjoy our animals.  From goats to sheep to turkeys, rabbits and chicken, there’s an animal you will enjoy petting and that will enjoy your attention.



Come out to the ranch for the day.  One price, $5.00 per child, gives unlimited access to the Kids Korral (rope swings, slides, obstacle course) and the hay ride (when it goes, you can go!). Moms and dads enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and buy snacks for the kids from our snack area.   there’s a fishing pond, walking trails and oh so much to do at the DD Ranch!  Check out pictures of the Kids’ Korral and pond here: PHOTO GALLERY

SPRING TOURS Now through June 2012

We offer self-guided and teacher-guided field trips for students preschool – eighth grade.  Learn about planting, harvesting, reading weather patterns and more!  Our curricula is designed by a teacher and meets Oregon’s Education standards. Email Yvonne for more information.

SUMMER CAMP – July 17, 18, 19 from 9 to 4

Your kids can spend a few summer days on a farm!  Feed the animals, collect eggs, create useful crafts, learn to care for ponies and ride them, and more! Healthy lunch included.  The cost is $50 per day per child, total is $150.  Registrations are being accepted now. Call the DD Ranch today! (541) 548-1432!

February – December: Pony Raffle!  

Yes, you could win a pony from the DD Ranch!  We include the trimmings (harness, bridle, blanket, saddle and the pony), you shelter, ride and take care of the pony! What a treat!


Tickets are available at the ranch and at all events where we are present.  Just $5.00 per raffle ticket!  Half of the proceeds go to our schools.  The winner will be announced in December.


July 8: Smith Rock Muddy Pig – Stay and Play at the DD Ranch!  Go to Facebook and “like” to stay up on the happenings!


On July 8, 2012, the DD Ranch will host Central Oregon’s first ever Smith Rock Muddy Pig Run and Li’l Piggy Mud Run!

The Muddy Pig Run features military-type obstacles with mud pits, ponds and a wetland, hay bales, camo netting, rough ranch trail and it will be so much fun! Individuals and teams will compete in a challenging and fun muddy race to the end.  The Li’l Piggy Mud Run is designed for kids 12 and under.  Sign up at:

After the races, we will have our petting zoo, kids’ play areas, hay rides and pony rides available at a special pass rate.  Our café will also be open! So plan to run in the mud, have some fun then stay and play and have more fun!




The DD Ranch raises healthy beef and pork for Central Oregon’s healthy families.  When you need eggs, beef, pork, or honey, shop the DD Ranch. We have lots of ways for you to get your fill.



Order whole/half/quarter beef or whole/half hog.  

To Order: Email us at and we will set you up!



Order packaged cuts of beef or pork and pints or quarts of honey online through our partners: Central Oregon Locavore OR Agricultural Connections.



The barn is open daily from 9 to 5. We offer our products as well as a few craft items, including wreaths and other home décor.  Stop by and stock up!

The DD Ranch is offering Spring Field Trips for preschoolers through eighth graders this year beginning now!  If you would like more information, please email our education coordinator, Yvonne: 


It’s a play day at the DD Ranch! $3.50 per child gives them unlimited access to both our play areas and the petting zoo! For $5.00, enjoy unlimited access to these areas plus hay rides!  Also, kids can fish in our pond. Bring a picnic lunch; enjoy the views…ponds, Smith Rock, cattle and more!

Open Fridays, from 10AM to 4PM. 



Visit any one of these fine establishments to purchase our several of our products and enjoy!

::Celebrate the Season

::Devore’s Good Food

::Primal Cuts Meat Market

Oh, and if you enjoy an excellent chicken fried steak, visit our friends at Chows – they use our cube steak to make this yummy dish!




Eating In Season

Did you know that chickens lay more eggs in spring than any other time of year?
Natural daylight stimulates the glands that secrete the hormones that make the chicken want to lay eggs.  As days grow longer, production increases. (Conversely, as days grow shorter, production decreases).

The industrialized farm creates an environment to increase egg production regardless of the time of year in order to meet year-around demand.  (Source: our experience and farmer/author Joel Salatin).

As wise buyers working with local farmers, if we learn to eat with the season, we will adjust our menu planning to include more eggs in spring and less in winter!


YOU COULD WIN! Send in your favorite egg recipe and you’ll be entered to win one dozen farm fresh eggs! (Delivery to Terrebonne, Redmond, Bend Only). Email




Big hearty thanks to DON WHITEHEAD for all of his help building our two new chicken houses.  They are beauties and the chickens just love ’em. We truly could not have done this without you, Don!



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