CSA Subscription

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

How it works – by opting in on an ongoing, or subscription, basis, local customers can help support our operations and ensure we can continue to offer a high quality product to our community, and are offered a superior quality of product. See below for our CSA offerings!

Cattle Club Member Benefits

The DD Ranch has been ranching for over 18 years in Central Oregon! Our 100% grass-fed and finished beef is excellent, as is our heritage pork and grass-fed lamb. We want to share our bounty with you, so we’ve designed a wonderful CSA program that we think will really help you (and us)!

Like every good CSA program, we offer options, discounts, parties and much more! Here’s what we are offering:

  • Flexible membership: Select a membership commitment that works for you. The DD Ranch offers 12-month (consecutive months), quarterly or “every other month” program whereby you will receive a monthly box for the chosen time period.  You may change your schedule at any time.
  • Pay in advance or pay as you go: Pay with debit, credit or E-check.  All payments will be handled through our CSA software (Farmigo).  You may choose to prepay any amount that you choose (Prepay) or you may choose to be billed at the time of delivery (Autopay).
  • Enjoy discounts: Different levels of discounts will be offered depending on the sales volume ordered.  Feel free to stop by the ranch in between your scheduled pickups and use your member benefits.
  • Delivery Fee: Portland customers will be assessed a $10 delivery fee.
  • Refunds: In general, there will be no refunds with the exception of errors in billing.  We will review unusual situations on a case by case basis.
  • Communication: By agreeing to join our CSA, you are also agreeing to open and read email and communications from us including:
    • Payment Due Emails: All billing issues regarding your account will be emailed to you, including start ups and notice of suspension of service.
    • Other: You will receive a reminder email approximately 1 week prior to your scheduled pickup. You may also receive specific emails announcing important changes to our service.  Especially important are date changes.  Please read our emails as soon as you see them.
  • Free access: Members and their immediate family will have free access to the play area and petting zoo (check with Linda (541-233-8359) for scheduling a time to visit).
  • Ranch Events: Enjoy 10% off of activity tokens during our annual Pumpkin Patch and Easter Egg hunt
  • Enjoy a Get To Know DD Ranch Tour! Call the ranch to schedule a time to get the inside scoop on how the DD Ranch provides 100% grass fed beef, learn our history and our plans for the future.
  • Ready to sign up? Simply register here! 

CSA Monthly Pickup

We offer three locations to pick up your CSA box.

  1. At the DD Ranch:We will have monthly pick up for Cattle Club Members at the DD Ranch the fourth Sunday of each month at the ranch from 1PM – 4PM.
  2. At Locavore in Bend, OR:We will have monthly pickup for Cattle Club Members at Central Oregon Locavore the fourth Sunday of each month from 1PM – 4PM.
  3. At 3727 NE Grand Ave in Portland, OR: We will have monthly pick up for Cattle Club Members at 3737 NE Grand Ave on the 2nd Sunday of each month (except October) from 1PM – 4PM. Please note that Portland customers will be assessed a $10 delivery fee.

As we grow our CSA, we would like to offer you more drop site locations.  If you are interested in hosting a drop site, please contact Linda (linda@ddranch.net).

Good to Know:

Your meat will be frozen, in marked packages and boxed with your name on it. You will receive an email reminder several days in advance of the pickup, as a courtesy reminder. (Be sure to add Tristan@ddranch.net to your contact address book so that our emails will not go into your SPAM/Junk folders).

Can’t Make a Pickup?

IMPORTANT! Our flexible membership program makes it possible for you to manage your finances and your freezer. To continue this flexible program, we now require a credit card to be held on file in our CSA software.  As you can imagine, it takes time to fill your order and prepare it for you. When you do not come to get it or make arrangements to get it, it takes time for us to contact you and/or restock the products if you do not plan to follow through with your purchase. Therefore, should you miss a pick-up, we will charge your credit card a minimum box amount of $50 within the week.

Please contact us directly to make other arrangements if the pickup schedule does not work for you!  Preferably, please send a friend or family member to pick up your box at the scheduled time and location.  Please note, we cannot leave product behind for our Portland members,  we can bring your box to the next pickup date if the product is left behind.

Ready to sign up? Register here.

Contact us by email or phone to make other arrangements to pick up your order.  Email Tristan@ddranch.net. Phone: 541-548-1433