The History of the DD Ranch

Our story begins with our friend, Jay Moberly. Born in Rathdrum, ID, Jay was the fourth of eight children. His father died unexpectedly and Jay supported his mother and siblings. He served in the Navy and was employed by the BLM for 29 years. After retiring, he began cattle ranching in Terrebonne. He established the RafterV ranch in 1963. In 1976, he married Doris (Peterson) Herbert and inherited four step-children. In the early 1980s, Mike and Jay became friends and Mike began working alongside Jay at the RafterV. In 1985, Mike and Diann Duggan bought the ranch and renamed it the DD Ranch. (Many locals call it the D and D ranch, but it’s really the Double D Ranch, or deedee ranch). The DD brand has been passed down through many Duggan generations.

Mike and Diann have three children and five grandchildren. Friends and family help Mike and Diann make the DD Ranch the special place that it is known for throughout Central Oregon.

Jay Moberly was a talented story teller and his ability to recall events and history of Central Oregon provided endless entertainment for those who gave him an ear. His book “In Strawberry Time” recounts the many adventures and joy he found in western life in rural America. The Duggans enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Jay. He passed from this life, to more life in May 2011.